Webinar with Dr.David Treleaven (7th April, 2024) “Essential Knowledge for Mindfulness Teachers and Practitioners”

This 2 hours webinar is mainly for those who are interested in:

  • meditation and mindfulness
  • how mindfulness works to engage with difficulties in our life
  • teacher training for evidence-based mindfulness

*Easily accessible for non-native English speakers in Asia-Pacfic region

This webinar features Dr. David Treleaven, the developer of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness. It serves as an introduction to what Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness is, and why it is important in teaching and practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation can potentially trigger symptoms of traumatic stress. Individuals with trauma, when guided to pay close and sustained attention to their inner world, may experience flashbacks, regulatory disorders, and dissociation. This webinar will allow you to understand what trauma is and how it relates to the teaching and learning of mindfulness.

Application and/or further information

This webinar is offered as a part of “Essence of Mindfulness : 6-session series” with 

  • Zindel Segal, “How does MBCT support recovery from depression? ~Mechanism of MBCT~” (held in August 2023)
  • Frits Koster, “The Wealth of Wisdom and Compassion” (held in October 2023)
  • Mark Williams, “Deeper Mindfulness – beyond MBCT -” (held in December 2023)
  • Linda Lehrhaupt, “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: A Pathway to Coping with Life’s Challenges” (February 2024)
  • Kiyoko Inoue, “Sit and Practice Mindfulness and Compassion Together” (in June 2024)

If you are interested in webinars already held in 2023, you can purchase the archive. Please feel free to contact info@mindfulnesss-japan.org

Overview of the event

1.Date and Time

8:00-10:00 in UTC+7 (Thailand, Vietnam etc)
9:00-11:00 in UTC+8 (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan etc)
10:00-12:00 in UTC+9 (Japan, Korea etc)

2. Presenter

Dr. David Treleaven
Developer, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

Writer, educator, and trauma professional originally from Toronto, Canada. His life’s work is training people to lead mindfulness in a trauma-sensitive way.

What does trauma-sensitive mean, you might ask?

Trauma-sensitive means that we’re aware of the unique needs of people struggling with trauma. We’re equipped to recognize trauma symptoms, respond skillfully, and prevent retraumatization in our work.

3. Participation Fee
5,500 yen (tax included)

Webinar via Zoom
・The URL will be sent to those who register through the form below.
・Please refrain from recording or filming the session.

5. Language
English (spoken slowly in plain English)

6. For further infomation
International Mindfulness Center Asia-Pacific
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL)
MBSR Teacher Training