Vision & Mission

The International Mindfulness Center Asia Pacific (IMC-AP) was established with the aim of disseminating and utilizing mindfulness based on evidence in the Asia Pacific region. As the International Mindfulness Center JPAN (IMCJ), we began activities in Japan and received requests for training from people in neighboring countries who heard about our accomplishments. To respond to these requests, we started activities in the Asia Pacific to create an environment where training can be received in English. We offer various programs that integrate the traditions of Eastern meditation and the insights of Western psychology.

We conduct the 8-week and 12-week courses of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCT), and Mindfulness-Based Pain Management (MBPM, Breathworks), as well as MBSR Teacher Training. We have established a professional learning environment for those involved in teaching mindfulness and compassion to learn about mindfulness from various experts, clinicians, and researchers around the world and deepen their practice as instructors.

IMC-AP aims to solve mental health problems in the Asia Pacific region and believes that the practice of mindfulness can be a support for this. This involves managing life skillfully even under stressful conditions, and it also includes a preventative perspective.

In addition, we also aim to support many people in the Asia Pacific region in communicating with each other and creating a better world under the common language of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is not just about stress coping, but a better way of life and an attitude for it. Through one’s own practice, it naturally promotes desirable engagement with society and the world. This is the vision and mission that we at IMC AP are aiming for.

Management Team

Founder, Managing Director

Kiyoko Inoue

Throughout our lives, we encounter a variety of experiences – moments of joy, pleasure, frustration, and uncertainty. The practice of mindfulness and compassion equips us to grasp what is happening in the present, perceive the world through a unique lens, and discern what we require in the moment, all while engaging with an attitude of gentleness and curiosity. Through the guidance of various mentors, I have been involved in spreading mindfulness practices across Japan.

In the future, I aspire to expand the reach of these benefits to places where they are needed the most, and foster a space where educators and researchers can connect and further hone their understanding and expertise.

May the benefits of mindfulness and compassion continue to proliferate.

Teaching & Administrative Director

Kenya Miyamoto

After receiving MBCT training at the Oxford Mindfulness Center, I completed MBSR training at the Institute of Mindfulness Based Approaches and the Mindfulness Network. I encountered mindfulness at a time in my life when I was troubled by stress and low self-esteem, and it became a support for me. I believe mindfulness is like building a home within yourself that you can always return to. I am looking forward to practicing with you all.


  • 8 week course (MBSR, MBCT, MBCL, breathworks etc)
  • MBSR Teacher Training
  • Mindfulness Teachers Network in Japan
  • Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness JAPAN
  • Mindfulness Study Group

Background & History

Nagasaki Mindfulness Center was founded in 2016, followed by the establishment of the International Mindfulness Center JAPAN (IMCJ) in 2020, by Kiyoko Inoue and Kenya Miyamoto. Kiyoko and Kenya started their careers as mindfulness teachers after receiving training in MBCT at the Oxford Mindfulness Center.

Kiyoko was originally a yoga teacher and Kenya was working in business world. They each felt that mindfulness was effective in dealing with everyday stress and in providing support to many people, and decided to participate in teacher training. Their journey began from the retreat at the Ammerdown Center by Christina Feldman and John Peacock.

Subsequently, as they expanded their learning with MBCL and MBSR, they collaborated with the Institute of Mindfulness Based Approaches (IMA) in Germany and started MBSR teacher training for Japan from April 2021. There were participants with various backgrounds in medicine, psychology, business and education etc, and as of June 2023, 64 people have completed the specified training (as of July 2023, including up to the 3rd group, 88 people have finished or are in training). Each teacher continues to work to spread mindfulness in Japan and its usefulness by leveraging their experiences and unique perspectives.

We would like to expand this circle of people learning mindfulness to the Asia Pacific. In 2024, based on our experience of conducting instructor training in Japan, we will expand this opportunity to the Asia Pacific region.


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